My favorite Songs 2018

These songs I personally choose because they have a good rhythm first, second good lyrics and third different from other songs. That's why I use them in my choreography, classes and parties.

Merengues my best 10

Bachatas Favoritas

Salsa Preferidas



Merengue típico ... The merengue Típico is played with the accordion is most popular in the northern part of the Dominican Republic.. FEFITA LA GRAND (It is a legend in this genre. )


Raulin Rodriguez ... unos de los artistas Bachata Dominicanos mas populares con una trayectoria grande en éxitos.. 

Yiyo Sarante ...  One of the most outstanding Dominican salsa artists who has made his career success after success.  Unos de los artistas salseros mas sobresalientes dominicanos que ha hecho de su trayectoria éxitos tras éxitos ...



Daddy Yankee ... Unos de los exponente mas aplaudido de este genero ... Donde sus inicios empezaron en los Barrios de Santo Domingo por eso el caraño especial a este cantante... 

DEMBOW dominicano ... is a genre of Caribbean popular music or musical rhythm[1] originally from Dominican Republic

David Bisbal ... David Bisbal one of my favorite Spanish pop artists. His songs with his rhythm and rumba singing of Andalusia makes me move and easily invent a choreography. His way of expressing love for his work is transmitted in each of his presentations.